Money & Malaria – Travel Tips To Labuan Bajo & Flores

Money & Malaria – Travel Tips To Labuan Bajo & Flores

When travelling, one must always be prepared. What should you bring? How much money is enough? Are there money changers? What about hospitals? Can you get the medicine that you need? What should you do in case of emergencies? So if you’re planning a trip to Flores, especially Labuan Bajo in the near future, here are some tips that could prove to be helpful.

Health Facilities

Those travelling to Flores before 2016 would have said that health care facilities are very basic but with the recent opening of Siloam Hospital in Labuan Bajo this perception is now slowly changing.

There are also government-run public hospitals in Labuan Bajo, Maumere, Ende and in other districts within Flores and health centres established by Catholic missionaries from the time of the Dutch. You can opt for local doctors in town, with their own small examination rooms where they receive patients. Other districts each have their own public hospitals established by the Government, which have been serving locals and visitors alike since before 2016.

Minor Ailments & Malaria

It is best to pack some medication with you as an act of precaution that could treat minor ailments such as headaches, light fever, diarrhoea, body aches and light pains. Traveller’s diarrhoea is the most common travel-related ailment due to compromised food and water, so do bring along an antibiotic and an anti-diarrheal drug to be started promptly if significant diarrhoea occurs.

As an act of precaution against Malaria, do speak to your doctor on how to prevent contracting Malaria while travelling. As Malaria is transmitted via mosquitoes, try to avoid mosquito bites with the use of insect repellents. You may need to take prescription medicine before, during, and after your trip to prevent Malaria, depending on your travel plans.

ATMs & Banks

There are many banks in Flores both government and private bank and they have ATMs where you can access your international bank account or change currencies. Most dive operators, 5-star hotels and luxury villas do accept credit cards although smaller, local-run establishments do not.

While it is possible to withdraw money from international accounts at any local ATMs in Labuan Bajo, we recommend that you bring sufficient Indonesian cash with you in cases of ATMs not working, power shortage or if systems are down. Bring plenty of small notes to pay vendors who may not have change for larger notes and do stash some away for emergencies. Do be careful with your personal belongings; when travelling anywhere, it would be wise to not simply leave your things unattended.

Exchanging currency is also an option but better to be on the safe side and avoid matters that could be time consuming or inconvenient. There are official money changers available in both Labuan Bajo and Maumere, however in other parts of Flores; you will have to head to bank offices during office hours to conduct any money changing activities and transactions.

While you’re in Labuan Bajo, you would obviously want to see the Komodo Dragons at the Komodo National Park. Be prepared; here’s an estimate of how much you will be spending when you embark on your trip.

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