Moke – Traditional Florenese Liquor

Moke – Traditional Florenese Liquor

When you’re in Flores, do try some of its delicious cuisines. A must try is its traditional alcoholic beverage called Moke.
Moke is a traditional drink made from the distillation of fruit and flower of a type of palm tree. It is a typical Flores traditional alcoholic beverage. The drink is usually served when guests or relatives visit the house or during traditional events. The drink is usually referred to by the locals as black Moke or white Moke. The white Moke is sweeter than the black Moke, which is not actually black but clear and slightly yellowish. If you prefer a sweeter taste, the white Moke is ideal for you.

Moke is usually consumed along with Flores typical foods such as Fish with Sour Sauce, Grilled Fish, Lamb Soup, Grilled or Boiled Banana and Lemon or Tomato sauce. Mokes are usually sold in small stalls or warungs.

Travel tips

  • Moke is an alcoholic beverage; please keep that in mind before you decide to taste it
  • Only drink with someone that you trust
  • Don’t drink and drive

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