Maumere is Flores’s biggest city with a population of approximately 53,000 people. The capital city of Sikka is also known as ‘the dusty city’, and is situated in the north eastern part of the island. As Maumere is located near the sea, it reflects a charming coastal paradise but words deceive as this town is actually quite busy. The origins of the name Maumere actually means busy beach. The area surrounding the city features many natural attractions of which some are hidden. In addition, you could visit multiple islands by boat from the port of Maumere and take in the area’s beautiful reefs. This is also a popular spot for snorkeling. The port attracts many boats from all over Indonesia and is therefore the central trading point of Flores. An absolute must see and visit is the market of Maumere called ‘Alok Pasar’. Usually the market only lasts a few hours so make sure you are there before 7AM. Tuesdays are special as the locals make it a social gathering with sellers from throughout Sikka. Maumere is reachable by airplane as it has its own airport. Find out more about Flores, its unique regions, people and culture and read more about Maumere, Sikka and other districts including the Komodo National Park, the Komodo Dragons and the beauty of Flores as you Rediscover Hidden Paradise with FloresPlus Magazine! Submit your photos and videos by tagging us #floresplus via our Instagram and Facebook page and stand a chance to be featured.


Travel tips to Maumere:


  • Visit the Alok Pasar market


  •  Take a boat and go snorkeling near the other smaller islands


  •  Go on an adventure to the hidden villages and natural attractions in the area


  •  Visit the beautiful beach

Photo courtesy: Wilfridus Ero & National Geographic

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