Maumere Jazz Festival 2018 A Stunning Success

Maumere Jazz Festival 2018 A Stunning Success

The Maumere Jazz Fiesta Flores (MJFF) recently took place in Maumere, a city within the Sikka Regency in Flores, Indonesia. It is a two-day event,  the third since its debut in 2016. The entire concert was held atop a hill that comes with spectacular natural views of the sunset, the surrounding islands and the sea. Artists who performed at the MJFF included  Glenn Fredly, Gilang Ramadhan, Reza Artamevia, and Andien along with indigenous groups from East Nusa Tenggara and Papua. Also present were artists performing in collaboration with the Komodo Project including  Ivan Nestorman, Adi Darmawan and Krisna Prameswara.

Founder of MJFF, Melchias Markus Mekeng, said that the objective of the festival was to entertain while introducing Maumere to the Indonesian and International community. The event is also expected to boost economic growth and encourage tourism activities for the regency. The festival this year saw approximately 10,000 visitors, mostly jazz lovers and those looking for quality entertainment.

In addition to Maumere’s fascinating cultures, traditions and people, international and national visitors coming to the area for MJFF can also explore Maumere’s myriad natural and historical attractions including he Old Sikka Church, Pangabatang Island, Maria Bukit Nilo Statue and Koka Beach, Wairterang Beach.


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