Manggarai’s Untamed Mausui Savannah

East Manggarai is not just about beautiful beaches, mysterious forests and ancient villages – there are wide open spaces very much like those found in the plains of Montana in America. One such destination is the Mausui Savannah that has risen to fame thanks to social media. An interesting point to note is that the Mausui Savannah is located right next to Waewole Beach. This means that you’ll enjoy breathtaking panoramas of a 70km long white sandy beach, the blue of the sea and the majestic mountains in the background as well as strong sea breeze while you’re there. The area is filled with cattle and horses which belong to the local Rongga tribe. So wide and spacious is the savannah that it is often used for cultural events, performances and tourism festivals, such as the recent Tanjung Bendera Festival. Nearby is an ancient graveyard filled with megalithic stone formations. *Photo by

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