Manggarai’s Todo Village

Manggarai’s Todo Village

Todo village is home to a traditional Manggaraian community where cultural activities remain the highlight of every day. Here’s your chance to view the famous Manggaraian war dance called “Caci”. Aside to warriors and whips, when you visit Todo Village, you’ll have the golden opportunity participate in the making of woven textiles, performing elaborate rites of passage as well as daily and annual ceremonies. The journey to the village will definitely be an experience as the area is surrounded by lush greens, mysterious jungles and dramatic mountains.

Aside to outstanding views, visitors can opt to join in community-based ecotourism activities for a closer look at traditional and rural Manggaraian way of life and experience cultural diversity within beautiful surroundings. While the village is open to visitors, you’ll need to pay a small fee as a token of appreciation to participate in ecotourism activities like pandan mat weaving, carving traditional children’s toys which are used in ancestral rites, basket weaving, preparing traditional medicines and foods, tuak and so much more. There are special tours into the innermost parts of the village that are available on request – these tours are part of a cultural conservation program where villagers gather to share and revive ancestral songs, dances and stories which have been told for many generations.

Todo Village is only 45 kilometer east of Labuan Bajo and it will take about one hour to get there. It is easily accessible by car, motorbike or local bus.

Travel tips

 Respect and follow their code of conduct

 Pack enough food and water since there no tourists’ facilities

 Also visit the Lingko spiderweb rice fields, which are around the corner

 Stay the night in a local household for a truly authentic experience

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