Manggarai’s Stunning Spiderweb Rice Fields

Manggarai’s Stunning Spiderweb Rice Fields

Flores in Nusa Tenggara Timur is home to beautiful and unique places to explore including mountains, beaches, lakes and culture. Here in Manggarai, you mustn’t miss the chance to view the Spiderweb Rice Fields in Lingko Lodok, Meler Village which is in the district of Ruteng in Manggarai. These unique spiderweb shaped rice fields are unique to Lingko Lodok and in addition to being aesthetically pretty, it is also fully-functional, as it is a great way for the people to split the land evenly and ensure that everyone gets the same size plots.This unique shape has everything to do with the Manggaraian people’s culture and tradition. In the past, they were used to grow dry rice, corn and tubers. Rituals are actually held in the centre of each Lingko during planting and harvesting seasons. Each time a new Lingko is opened, a water buffalo will be sacrificed and a ceremony will be held. Different parts of the fields will then be distributed to different families within the community.

Today, the Lingko Rice Fields are used for wet rice cultivation. With this, rituals and ceremonies based on the ancient agricultural calendar used for growing dry rice have also faded. However, the Lingko Rice Fields still remains one of the must-see places to visit while you’re in Manggarai.


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