Manggarai Government Questions Komodo National Park’s Income Revenue


The Komodo National Park is not yet giving a significant contribution to the economic growth in Manggarai, according to the head of West Manggarai’s tourism board, Agustinus Rinus, as reported by CNN Indonesia. Agustinus commented that this is due to the differences on the tourism statistics by the region of Manggarai and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as the management of the park.

The region of Manggarai recorded 130 thousand of tourists while the park management had 46 thousand more —about 176 thousand in total. As the result, the region lost its revenue from those unrecorded tourists. This is because the region only received the data from two entrance points out of four that are available.

Agustinus also revealed that the region only cost IDR 100,000 for foreign tourists, while the management set IDR 150,000 for foreign tourists. The price is even higher, around IDR 250,000 during holidays.

“The revenue shares is not equal. They (the management) received 34 billion rupiah while we only received around 6 billion,” stated Agustinus to CNN on Monday (12/9).

In the future, Agustinus hoped that the system can be integrated as one to improve the statistical information. He also suggested to centre all the ticket selling in Labuan Bajo, so both agencies can receive similar statistical data on the tourist arrival to Komodo National Park.


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