Manggarai and the Manggaraian People

When in Flores there are many beautiful attractions to see. But if you would like to experience that one extra special thing, you must visit the Manggarai regency to find out more about their culture. Due to the fact that the culture of the Manggaraian people is so rich, you will gain more knowledge about their day-to-day lifestyles and traditions. Most Manggaraian people are Christian or Muslim and many of them still hold on to old beliefs. Manggarai is the western-most province of Flores and also the densest populated area of the island.

The Manggaraian people have been living the way they do for hundreds of years and are known for their heritage, traditions and ceremonies, archaeological and agricultural practices. Although not much is known about their earliest history, it is believed that they are descendants of the Sumatran people. As a result, the Manggaraian culture is characterised by many beautiful myths and legends. Their own political system is based on clans, led by the chief of the Todo clan. Although one of the main harvests is rice, it is only eaten during festive meals while the everyday food is corn porridge. They also grow other crops for export and rear some animals like horses and water buffalo.

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Travel tips

  • Visit the beautiful caves in West Flores
  • Explore the island practising canyoning
  • Visit Manggarai
  • Enjoy some of the Manggaraian traditions

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