Mangeruda Hot Springs

Mangeruda Hot Springs

Want to relax and warm up after a long chilly day in Bajawa city? Head on down to Mangeruda Hot Springs for the perfect way to re-energize your body.

Located about 23 kilometres away from Bajawa, the Mangeruda Hot Springs is perfect for relaxing. Locals also believe that the water from the springs has a curative effect for those who are suffering from skin conditions. Nevertheless, who doesn’t want to enjoy a nice warm bath in a beautiful place where you are surrounded by rice fields and coconut trees?

There are different pools where you can immerse yourself in with the surroundings; some pools are specially designed for visitors. If you’re looking for a quieter experience, ask your guide to take you a little distance away through rice fields and under groves of coconut trees until you reach a canyon where the hot springs look like small waterfalls. Continue on till you reach the village of Soa Poba Polo where the hot spring water meets the river; the origin of the hot springs.

Once in the village, you might be able to see a traditional boxing performance called the “sagi”, which we understand to be the pride of the Soa community. The best time to view this is in May to July after harvest or during the dry season.

Travel tips:

–       The best way to get here is by private transport, preferably motorbike

–       There are some facilities here selling noodles, coffee, tea, fruits and snacks

–       Bring a change of clothes

Source and Photo courtesy:

Best of Flores – Flores Plus Magazine

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