Luna Maya Urges Fans: Save The Komodo!

Luna Maya Urges Fans: Save The Komodo!

Indonesian celebrity Luna Maya is on a crusade to save the protected Komodo Dragons. She voiced her intentions on her Instagram account @lunamaya upon learning of development plans that were in the pipeline for areas within the Komodo National Park, in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.

“The Komodo National Park needs our help,” said Luna Maya. “Over 300 hectares have been slated for development and 22.1 hectares on Rinca Island itself where the Komodo Dragons are,” she stated on her Instagram account. She continued, “Please protect the Komodo Dragons from the hands of the investor, don’t destroy Flores’s natural beauty with development.”

She also uploaded several photos of said areas fenced off for development, urging her followers to reject the development of the Komodo National Park.

Several other Indonesian artists are also making their voices heard with regards to this issue, including Iskandar and Nadine Chandrawinata by urging their followers on Social Media to stand together to fight this issue.


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