Lost In Time: Alor’s Takpala Village

Takpala village is a traditional village in Alor Island, a small and untouched, raw and rugged island just east of Larantuka in Flores. Here, you’ll find everything as it was a hundred years ago – free of development, modernity and pollution; beautiful and untouched, as God intended it to be. Nestled at the top of a hill, Takpala village is just walking distance away from the beach. All the houses here are located in the shape of a pyramid and are made using sustainable and indigenous materials like Lontar leaves, coconut fronds and wood. This primitive home is without any doors or windows and traditionally, it is called a “Lopo”. People who live in Takpala village are from the Abui tribe, the biggest in Alor archipelago. They are well-known for their friendly personality and will gladly welcome tourists who come to visit with a breathtaking traditional dance called Lego-Lego where men wear traditional Abui attire and carry weapons and shields. *Photo by muhammadmaahir


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