Lembata: A Land Lost In Time

Lembata: A Land Lost In Time

Feed your adventurous soul and visit one of the least visited places in East Nusa Tenggara; Lembata Island.  Lembata is the largest island in the Solor Archipelago that is made up of many small islands located to the east of Flores, right after Larantuka. To be more specific, the island is located between Solor and Adonara.

If you want to get to Lembata, you will need to board a ship from Larantuka in Flores or Waiwerang and disembark at Lewoleba, the capital city where the bigger harbour is located. Here in Lembata, you can immerse yourself in unspoiled nature, where the land’s rugged and wild beauty remains untouched. Just like on the main island of Flores, the locals here produce the famous Ikat weaves but here it is made entirely of homegrown cotton, which is spun and dyed by the weaver.

Aside to getting to know the local’s rich and fascinating culture, you could unleash your inner explorer and trek to Mount Ile Ape, an active volcano at an altitude of 1,450 above sea level. It goes without saying that the scenery from Mount Ile Ape as well as on other parts of the island is stunning, giving you once-in-a-lifetime views that will remain with you forever. It is no wonder that Mount Ile Ape is known as one of Indonesia’s photographic icon. Many villages are also located at the foot of Mount Ile Ape.

On the Southern tip of the island is Lamalera village and it is here you will come across the traditional whale hunting community. The people of this village have been hunting Sperm Whales for centuries. They use only handmade equipment and use all parts of the whale for food or trading with other islanders nearby for corn and other food. The people of Lamalera and their whale hunting activities have received sanction from the United Nations, considering the ancestral links, primitive equipment used and the importance of the hunt to the survival of the people of Lamalera.

If its deserted beaches that you’re after, the far western tip of Lembata is filled with excellent beaches, with crystal clear blue waters and white powdery sands. From here, you could actually see Gunung Ile Boleng all the way on Adonara Island. Other notable places of interests here include Uran’s Prayer Garden, Waijarang Beach, Lembata viewpoint and Bukit Doa Watomiten where you will find two statues and a monument for you to selfie with.


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