Lava Sparks On Mount Batutara, Lembata

Lava Sparks On Mount Batutara, Lembata

Lembata Island located just off East Flores has a unique attraction that you won’t want to miss and this is its volcano, Mount Batutara. This volcano is located on a small island called Komba Island north of Lembata. Mount Batutara erupts every 20 minutes with a mighty explosion containing lava which forms sparks like a firework. The eruptions cause mini tsunamis on Komba, which is still considered safe. If you’re planning to visit Lembata, you could witness all of this from a safe distance of at least 20 metres away.

While the eruption is happening every single day at 20 minutes intervals, the perfect time to see the eruptions and the sparks of fire is during sunset or at dawn. To reach Komba Island, you need to take a fast boat from Lewoleba, the capital of Lembata. The journey will take about 90 minutes.

MountBatutara is a very unique natural attraction; in fact, there is nowhere else in Indonesia that could offer anything similar. The volcano was even awarded as “The Most Unique Tourist Destination” at the Ajang Pesona Indonesia event. This is a very good way to introduce Mount Batutara as a tourism icon in Lembata. Lembata is also home to two other mountains – Mount Lewolotok and Mount Werung. This year, the governor of Lembata will conduct a Festival of Three Mountain on September 22-29,  2018. During this festival, you can see and experience the charms of each mountain and also the cultural tradition of Lembata.

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