Because of its rich history, geographical layout and cultural diversity, you’ll find many different languages spoken in Flores; all are indigenous to each tribe and location. From the early days to the colonial times, every major turn of events in the history of Flores has left its mark in the spoken language. All of the languages belong to the Austronesian family and six of them are officially recognized today. From west to east; Ngadha, Nage, Keo, Ende, Lio and Palu’e. The Ngadha language is very interesting due to the fact it has no prefixes or suffixes. The Naga language is also spoken on the island of Timor and is descended from the indigenous population of Flores. Today there are still almost 310,000 people speaking Keo, Ende and Lio language. Palu’eis an island separated from Flores main land and therefore has its own language namely, the Palu’e language.There are many more unofficial languages and some only differ slightly in linguistics.

Today the official language of Flores, just like the rest of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia which has Malaysian, Dutch and many other roots. The language contains many loanwords from all of South East Asia and is also part of the Austronesian family. While Bahasa Indonesia is learned at school the people still speak their own language when at home or in their villages with other locals.

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