Lamaholot Villages

Lamaholot Villages

If you are interested in visiting the Lamaholot people, Lewokluok and Leworahang village might be the perfect villages for you. Especially for those who have developed a passion and love for the ikat.

The Lewokluok village is a small village located in East Flores. The village is well-known for their speciality, making ikat or how they call it kwatek kinge. The ikat is made out of local and natural ingredients, even the dye of the cotton! The Lamaholot people use the ikat at ceremonial functions, which gives special meaning and value to it. You won’t see them wearing it every day. You won’t find an ikat like these since they also use small seashells as part of the designs, which makes it extra unique. These seashells are collected by the villagers on a shore nearby. Even though there is a local association of weavers, the Sanggar Uto Wata, there are not many women left who have the knowledge or skills to make an ikat.

Another Lamaholot village is the Leworahang village. The people of the village mainly work as farmers or fisherman. The village is located near a beach and is surrounded by lush green trees. When entering the village you will see three, well-maintained traditional houses. The first house you will see is the most important one, the ceremonial house. It is in the centre of the village and stands on a pile of wood behind a pile of stones. The next house is the big house also called Lango Belle. People say that the house belonged to the first man who lived in Leworahang. The last house is the Kebang. This is where the people would store their corn and rice.

Both villages are accessible by car or motorbike and are approximately 26 to 30km from Larantuka. There are no public buses that go to the villages.

Travel tips

  • When visiting the villages, it is recommended to bring a guide who can translate for you
  • If you are in Flores at the end of March, go to Leworahang village and witness the Ahik Kokor ceremony
  • Bring enough water and food

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