Labuan Bajo

What once was a small fishing village has now grown into one of Flores’ most important cities. With its large harbor and airport it has become a center of trade and tourism. Although the city has not much to offer within its city limits, it is a very important launching point for trips to Komodo National Park and other islands. From the harbor, daily fishing, diving and snorkeling trips are being organized which forms a great opportunity to see what else Flores has to offer. From the airport, tourists can easily access the harbor with a taxi which costs around 50,000 Rp. You can get money by using the ATM, but take into account bank charges are high so bring enough money upfront. Almost all local shops sell products related to the famous Komodo dragon, and of course local specialties. Consider waking up early to visit the local market where you can find delicious spices, coffee and more lovely local products. As Labuan Bajo hasn’t forgotten its original roots, another must-try is going out for dinner and taste the mouth-watering fresh fish and seafood which are abundant in this town. Even though the city doesn’t have good coverage everywhere most restaurants provide free Wi-Fi.

Photo courtesy: Monique Sinke

Travel tips

  • Check the precise flight information via the websites of the airlines or local travel agencies
  • Check what time busses leave, otherwise arrange a stay
  • Visit the absolute must-see Komodo National Park
  • Take a snorkel or dive trip near some beautiful remote located islands
  • Wake up early and take a trip to the local market

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