Kupang’s Panmuti Beach

Panmuti beach is located in Kuannoah village, Noelbaki district, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. This beach is very unique and different from any other beach in Kupang – it has a small sandy area that is completely separate from the main beach by the sea, which is accessible to all when the tide is low.

There’s a hill nearby the beach. You could hike up here to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Panmuti Beach and see for miles beyond. Many visitors head here to take awesome photos for their Instagram feeds and to relax with panoramic views all around. This is also one of the best sunset views in Kupang, where you can see the sky changing colours as the sun sets and the water starts to sparkle.

Panmuti beach is still untouched by the government so there are no facilities here, which might be a good thing, especially for nature lovers. You can bring your own drinks and snack while touring to this beach but please remember to never litter and always take your trash back with you. Do your part to keep Indonesia clean!

From Kupang city to Panmuti beach, it’s only a 1-hour drive. You could ask the locals in Kuannoah village for the exact route to the beach. We recommend that you rent a motorbike or car to get here as there is no public transportation heading this way.

Source: satutenda.com
Photo: conilisandara via Instagram

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