Komodo’s Ata Modo Tribe

Komodo’s Ata Modo Tribe

Living alongside the famed Komodo Dragons in Flores’s Komodo National Park is the Ata Modo Tribe. The people of this tribe are said to be the original inhabitants of the island of Komodo. Today, they welcome newcomers from other parts of Indonesia into their little island, including those from Sulawesi, Madara, Bima and even those originating from the Bajau Bugis Tribe.

One of the fascinating things about the people of the Ata Modo tribe is their rumoured ability to be able to speak to the Komodo Dragons. Ata means “people of the forest” and Modo means “dragons”.  They are easily recognized by their traditional clothing and unique hats, which are made to follow the unique shape of the Komodo Dragon. The people of the Ata Modo tribe are friendly and would be more than happy to show you their way of life, tradition, arts, culture and clothing. They are also known for their traditional martial arts, which are elaborate displays using whips and canes.

The people of Ata Modo are usually fishermen or carvers; they carve items from wood and sell them to tourists. Others work regular jobs in Labuan Bajo and the Komodo National Park. You can recognize them from their distinct dialect, language and brighter skin which differ from the people of Flores. If you’d like to meet the Ata Modo Tribe, be sure to get a local guide to show you around – you might even get to stay the night in one of their houses and taste their traditional cooking!

Travel Tips

– Secure a local travel guide to assist you especially for communicating with the tribe

– Bring a camera so you don’t miss out on unique moments

– There are no hotels in Komodo Island; book your accommodations in Labuan Bajo 

Article Source and Photo Credits: http://komodo.indonesia-tourism.com/ata_modo.php

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