Komodo National Park’s 37th Anniversary & Other Dragon Tales

In commemorating the 37th anniversary of the Komodo National Park today, we’d like to share some interesting facts about the world’s largest lizards – also known as the Komodo Dragon – for your entertainment and information. Scroll down to enjoy!

  1. Death By Dragon
    The Komodo Dragon is venomous and one bite from one of these seemingly slow creatures can cause extreme pain, rapid blood loss and sure death! The Dragon’s venom glands are loaded with toxins, and victims will go into shock before facing death 24 hours later from blood poisoning. So if you don’t fancy a scenario involving death by dragon then do take note of your guide’s instructions when visiting the Komodo National Park.

  1. From Down Under
    According to LiveScience, the Komodo Dragon most likely evolved in Australia and dispersed westward to its current home in Indonesia. Today, the Dragons can be found on numerous islands within the Komodo National Park including Komodo, Rinca, Gili Montang and Gili Dasami. The Dragons were discovered in 1910 when a WWI pilot crashed into the Komodo sea before swimming towards Komodo Island and discovering the mighty Komodo Dragons.*Photo by Smithsonianmag.com

  1. Females Only
    Interesting fact; the female Komodo Dragon can have virgins births, laying eggs without a male to fertilize an egg for it to hatch. When hatched, a baby Komodo is only 12 inches long and would run away from adult Dragons including its mother, to avoid being eaten. The female Komodo Dragon can reproduce through both sexual and asexual reproduction.
    *Photo by Livescience.com

  1. Finding Dragons
    The Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site established to protect the Komodo Dragon as well as other species living in the Park. The Park is made up of multiple small islands and sea area, and covers a total of 1,733km2. . The Park is part of a coral triangle, one of the richest marine biodiversity on earth. The gateway to the Komodo National Park is Labuan Bajo, a once small fishing village now turned tourists hub in the West Manggarai district of Flores.


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