Komodo National Park & The Komodo Dragons – 10 Fun Facts

Komodo National Park & The Komodo Dragons – 10 Fun Facts

Here are some interesting and fun, good-to-know facts that you might find interesting about the Komodo National Park and the Komodo Dragons:

  • The Komodo National Park is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores
  • It is actually part of the Wallacea region, which was formed by 2 continents made up of volcanic islands
  • You can find species of birds, marine life and wild animals that originated from both Australia and Asia
  • There are 2500 Komodo Dragons scattered across the Park namely on Komodo Island and Rinca Island
  • The Komodo Dragons can swim up to 13 miles per hour. They can also outrun any animal and humans at the speed of 11 miles per hour
  • The female Dragon lies about 15-30 eggs each time which incubates for 9 months. As babies, they are able to climb trees for survival
  • The Komodo Dragon has 60 curved, extremely sharp teeth containing 60 different strains of bacteria that causes fatal bites
  • It is said that the Komodo National Park is one of the best diving sites in the world
  • There are four villages in the Komodo National Park on Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Papagarang Island
  • The gateway to the Komodo National Park is Labuan Bajo

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