Komodo Island’s Magical Pink Beach

According to various resources, there are only 7 Pink Beaches in the whole world, and one of them is right here in the Komodo National Park on Komodo Island, just minutes away from Labuan Bajo in Flores.

Photo by @gretabuz via Instagram

Called “Pantai Merah” by the locals, the sands of Pink Beach are a mix of white sand and red pigments, produced by a type of microscopic animal called Foraminifera. In fact, if you look closely at some of the other beaches around the Komodo National Park, you might even see a pinkish tint to on some of them.


Aside to being one of the most sought-after spot for the ideal holiday snapshot, the Pink Beach on Komodo Island is great for a moment of complete tranquility and relaxation. The island is completely uninhabited, so immerse yourself in the peace and serenity of the magical surroundings, take a dip in the crystal clear blue and while you’re  there, why not enjoy a spot of snorkeling? The Komodo National Park is one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world! If you’re an avid photographer, this would be a dream come true, and we recommend waiting till sunset for the most captivating shot yet!

Photo by @theblondeabroad via Instagram

To get to the Pink Beach, which is located on Komodo Island, you’ll need to rent a boat. There are plenty of boat operators at the Labuan Bajo harbour, or if you’ve bought a tour package, then check with your tour operator. Another option is to choose a liveaboard package where you can enjoy touring the entire Komodo National Park from the comforts of your yacht or phinisi.

Photo courtesy of Aqua Luna Selini

Photo by @hari_arch via @instagram

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