Kelimutu is a volcano situated in the Ende Regency and close to the small town of Moni. Its name describes what you will find when visiting this mountain namely, Keli means mount and Mutu means boiling, literally mount always active. The mountain is famous for having crater lakes that sometimes differ in color this is due a chemical reaction, this is dependent on the volcanos activity. A curious event took place between January and November of 2016 when the crater lakes changed color six times.

All three lakes have different names; lake one was named Tiwu Ata Bupu which means lake of old people. This crater lake is usually blue and located west of all three lakes. The second lake was named; Tiwu Ko’o Fai Nuwa Muri which translates as lake of young men and maidens. The third lake was named Tiwu Ata Polo which means bewitched lake. The last two lakes are being separated by a crater wall and are usually red or green. This is of great interest of geologists due to the fact the lakes are all related to Kelimutu which would that different chemical reaction take place at the same time.

Kelimutu has developed into a national park over the years and recently forest rangers and local people have improved the access to the park. We recommend you to see the volcano and its lakes by sunrise!

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Travel tips

  • Go backpacking through the island
  • Take into account the simplicity of your accommodation
  • Climb Kelimutu
  • See sunrise and the mountain and capture that magical moment

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