Karong Woja Wole: A Traditional Rice Ceremony

In East Manggarai Regency, there is Ranakolong village, home to the Ndoly community. The villagers in this village revere rice so much that they hold a ceremony dedicated only to rice once every five years called Karong Woja Wole.

The villagers believe that rice is actually human blood that has grown into a crop. According to tradition, they will deliver newly harvested rice from the rice fields in Ndolu Hill to the traditional house in Waekekik hamlet.

During the ceremony, the villagers will dress in traditional clothing of East Manggarai and gather around the stone of offerings to carry out a ritual to end the planting season

Women play very important roles during this ceremony; they are in charge of delivering rice, corn and other crops to the hamlet. This delivery procession is welcomed at the gate by other women with betel and lime to symbolize admission.

Travel tips:

  • Respect their culture at all times
  • Ask a local guide to take you there
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat


Article Source: http://florestoday.com/ekonomi/item/426-karong-woja-wole-a-rice-ceremony-from-the-east
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