Kampung Komodo

The only village situated on the island of Komodo is called Kampung Komodo. The island earned its fame from the only descendants of the dinosaurs, the Komodo dragon. There are approximately 2,000 people living on the island. The village is located about 30 minutes by boat from the pier; the entrance of the park. Most people earn money from wood carving and fishing. As the island is remotely located, weekly boats provide fresh foods and water to the island.

It is possible to stay the night in the village which will provide you with a unique perspective on how the locals live. The locals are very kind and willing to provide the best care to visitors who choose to stay there, as they are used to tourists. If you are opting to stay the night, please take into account the basic situation that these people live in. Colourfully painted houses are built on poles due to the changing tides in the case of flooding and to keep away from the Komodo dragons. In the village, you will find many free roaming animals such as goats, pigs and cats. These people live a dangerous life as the village has no fences and there is always the possibility of a Komodo dragon showing up. When you walk around the village, you will find a school and a large playground for the children.

If you wish to explore more of the Komodo National Park it is best to arrange for a boat tour!

Photo courtesy: Monique Sinke

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