Jaw-Dropping Beauty: Amazing Portraits of Koka Beach

In the district of Sikka, in Wolowiro Village, is the breathtakingly beautiful Koka Beach. This beach is special because it is two lagoons located next to each other connected by a single stretch of powdery soft golden sands that gently curves inward, creating the number “3” if seen from above.

Photo Courtesy of @claudianajib on Instagram.

The entire beach is bordered by lush jungle vegetation and beyond that, soaring hills, namely Ndoja Hill and Ndate Sare Hill whose heights lend the beach the feel of a magnificent secret lagoon. The water here is clear and clean, a startling deep emerald green and sparkling turquoise.

Photo Courtesy of @remaja_flobamora on Instagram.

To view the beach from above, you can stand on plenty of rocky outcrops along the cliff’s edges or climb downwards to enjoy the entire stretch of beach. The waves, while larger than normal, are still relatively safe for swimming.

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During low tide, you could explore Lia Wio Cave located at the foot of Rodja Hill or venture out and visit Nusa Koka, which is said to be filled with mythical snakes.

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Although Koka Beach is not famous among the locals, many foreign tourists have visited the beach and have fallen in love with its tosca blue clear water, fine white sand and soaring hills.

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Article Source & originally written by Bife Soe

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