Introduction – Understanding Flores

Welcome to Flores, the stunning and almost untouched paradise island that lies to the east of Bali, right after the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa with the island of Timor to its west. Rugged and wild, Flores is the backdrop to some of the world’s most unique beauty and home to extraordinary and astonishing wildlife, inimitable to only this part of the world.

Flores is no tiny island – it stretches 360km from West to East and covers approximately 13,540 km2 that’s covered with smoldering volcanoes, deep mountainous craters, majestic lakes, hidden beaches, hot springs, clear lakes, cool river ponds, thundering waterfalls, vast open plains and spectacular rice fields. Many would know Flores as home to the magnificent Komodo dragon, a giant lizard of prehistoric and Jurassic-like features that populates Flores’ Komodo and Rinca Islands. The Kelimutu has also created a name for itself; this inactive volcano located in central Flores hypnotizes visitors with three brightly coloured crater lakes that changes colours with time from deep within its bowels.

Explorers and travel enthusiasts would already know by now that Flores is so much more than its Komodo Dragons and the Kelimutu. With a long and colourful history, vibrant culture and traditions, this expansive land that spans over 8 main regencies awaits further discoveries.Flores encompasses 8 different districts, each with its own capital city, unique languages, culture, history and tradition. West Maggarai’s capital city is Labuan Bajo. Ruteng is another major city, the capital of Manggarai and East Manggarai’s capital is Borong. Ngada Regency’s capital city is Bajawa; Nagakeo’s capital is Mbay, Ende regency’s capital is Ende, Sikka regency’s capital is Maumere and Larantuka for East Flores regency.

What wonders does this island hold, and what magic that draws the adventurous and the curious to travel far and wide to return to its distinct, rugged terrain. Almost completely shrouded in mystery, calls of the dark tangling jungles and windswept open plains can be heard by many.

The mystifying culture practiced by the locals of Flores has given many a small peek into fascinating traditions and distinctive languages, which are all part of the island’s allure. Flores’ cultural richness is impressive; its friendly inhabitants invite you to explore and learn more about their captivating past and present way of life.

Their belief systems, arts and culture, traditions and history are crucial elements in the making of the beautiful island Flores. In this guidebook, we strive to showcase the magnificence of this island that spans across districts, attractions, wildlife, landmarks and its people. Read on and experience some of the most breathtaking sites and experiences in the world.

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