IDR 14 Million Per Person To Enter Komodo Island In 2020

The Indonesian Ministry of Investments and Maritime Affairs is proposing an IDR 14 million entrance fee for visitors planning on visiting Komodo Island, which is located within the Komodo National Park in the Flores Island of Indonesia, CNBC reports. The Minister, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan originally proposed an IDR 28 million entrance fee per person. However, this has not yet been finalised.

The Head of Tourism Authorities of Labuan Bajo, Flores, Shana Fatina Sukarsono stated that her team is currently in the midst of calculating all costs involved in the maintenance of the Komodo Island and the Komodo National Park. She said that once they have arrived at a number suitable for maintaining an international-level tourism destination, then only will a definitive number be given.

“These are currently just proposals based on the meetings that we had with the Minister (Luhut Bisar Panjaitan) as well as other ministers,” added Shana Fatina Sukarsono on Friday )11/15).

The government had previously put forth a plan to turn Komodo Island into an exclusive tourist’s destination with a “membership” concept. At the moment the plan is still in discussion and at very early stages.

Further discussions will continue in 2020. The government will set up a new team from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to review the total costs of running the island. According to Shana, the plan for “memberships” is only applicable for Komodo Island – and will not include any other destinations within the Komodo National Park, such as Rinca and Padar Island.


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