Hundreds of People Performed Tia Raga Dance in Riung Festival

Hundreds of high school students participated in a mass dance performance during the opening ceremony of Riung Festival on Tuesday (10/29), Pos Kupang reports.

All the female dancers wore the Riung’s traditional costume; kebaya covered with a piece of fabric in black and gold colour and a sarong on their neck while dancing following the melody of kendang or the two-headed drum by the male performers. Tia Raga is a traditional dance from Riung which is specially held for big events to welcome the honourable guests. Some official members attended the event, including the head of the people’s council (DPRD) of Ngada, Bernardinus Dhey Ngebu, member of DPRD Ngada, Hery Manek and the head of the Ngada tourism board, Methodius Reo Maghi.

Tia Raga dance marked the opening of Riung festival which is organized by the officials of Riung district and the region of Ngada. The festival was held for two days in Riung, Ngada regency from Tuesday (10/29) to Wednesday (10/30), featuring some exciting local attractions including Riung’s cultural parade, fashion show, local feast, music and dance performances, gala dinner, and traditional shows. According to Alfian, the head of the organizers, the festival aims to introduce the culture of Riung to visitors.


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Photo source: POS-KUPANG.COM/Gordi Donofan

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