How to get around

What is good to know about getting around in Flores is that travellingby local bus will be slow. Some roads could be dangerous due to falling rocks whereas others might be lacking in quality. Nevertheless if your budget and time allows it we recommend that you to hire an English speaking driver who will personally guide you through the island. In most cases you can rent them as long as you like for roughly 500,000 Rp. a day. If you want to do the exploring yourself this is also possible, for about the same amount you will be able to rent a car. Always make sure you have a good map of the island or maybe a mobile phone with a local sim card to access google maps. The main road that stretches across Flores from west to east is about 700 KM long.

Are you staying in one particular area? Or do you want to do some exploring on one part of the island? What might be interesting for you is to rent a motorcycle, in this case make sure you have an international driver’s license.

If you do not want to go by land of course there are plenty of options by boat. You can easily travel from harbor to harbor and this will only take you a couple of hours.

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