Honouring Ancestors at the Sacred Mount Kelimutu

Mount Kelimutu and its tri-crater lakes are extremely sacred to the Lio people as they believe that the souls of the deceased rest in those three lakes. To honour these souls, also the souls of their ancestors, the Lio people will hold a sacred ritual every year on the 14th of August.

During the ceremony, different types of sacrifices and foods are turned into offerings for the ancestors. This represents the people’s gratitude for blessings and good fortune received in the past year while they pray for blessings in the coming year.

The ceremony takes place in the form of a procession, where the villagers gather at the parking lot of the Kelimutu National Park before trekking up the mountain to the summit, to the mouth of the crater lakes. The centre of the entire ritual takes place at a stone altar here. Food and offerings are presented on the altar, followed by chanting and prayers by hundreds of people.

Thereafter, the villages proceed to descend the mountain to continue with a series of cultural performances.

Travel tips:

  • Bring a camera but be respectful when taking pictures
  • Ask your guide or travel agent on how best to view this event on the 14th of August
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes

Article Source and Photo Credit: http://florestoday.com/ekonomi/item/298-ritual-pati-ka-du-a-bapu-ata-mata-at-kelimutu

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