Hiking Up Mount Fatuleu, Kupang

Hiking Up Mount Fatuleu, Kupang

Gunung Fatuleu or Fatuleu Mountain is a definite don’t miss when you’re in Kupang. Located 60km away from Kupang City, in the village of Nunsaen in East Nusa Tenggara, Fatuleu in the local language means Sacred Stone, a name given by the local tribes who often hold ceremonies and prayers at the mountain’s peak to ask for blessings and abundance from God, their ancestors and the universe.

It has been recorded that at the mountain’s peak is a cluster of giant rocks, one of which is called Nunle’u. Here on this particular rock, you’ll find plenty of offerings including the blood of pigs and chickens, which are usually used for communicating with ancestors and spirits.

Fatuleu was not always a tourists’ destination; previously the mountain was only accessible to religious figures, head of ceremonies and the tribes that live around Fatuleu for the purpose of praying and placing special offerings. Today, Fatuleu is open to the public and is one of the most popular tourists’ attractions in Kupang.

Once there, you’ll find that the air around Mount Fatuleu is cool and refreshing with plenty of birdsongs to accompany your trek to the mountain’s peak. Before embarking on your hike, you could always purchase some snacks, fruits, vegetables or drinks from the impromptu market that surrounds the foot of the mountain. There are some local village boys who can act as guides at Rp 5,000 per way. This would be a great option if you’re travelling solo and for those who are inexperienced hikers.

Along your way to the peak, you’ll come across beautiful local birds and bat species. There are also a variety of colourful forest flowers adorning the pathways, especially during the rainy season. Once you’ve reached the peak, be prepared for some of the most breathtaking views you’ll ever see – you might even catch a glimpse of Oelamasi City in the plains below as well as carpets of green from the surrounding forests.

Mount Fatuleu is great for any time of the day but for the most scenic views, it is recommended to reach the peak during sunrise or sunset, when the sun’s rays paint the cliffs and rocks around the summit in a beautiful and seductive light.


Travel Tips

– Wear warm clothing and suitable shoes, bring plenty of water

– Do not leave any rubbish around as this is considered a sacred place for the locals

– Hire a local to guide you to the top and back down

Article Source: TribuneTravel.com

Photo Credit: edyraguapo.blogspot.co.id

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