Hiking & Trekking

Whether you want to do a low-impact walk or climb a mountain, Flores has it all. West of Flores especially offers various hiking and trekking routes, suitable for different experience levels.

A popular hiking and trekking area is the Komodo National Park. Here you can take a guided tour with one of the rangers or climb a hill and enjoy the view on you own, it is your choice. It is still recommended to go with a ranger since many have lived there their entire life. They know everything about the local flora and fauna and life on the island. You might hear some remarkable stories about their youth. They will also make sure you will see dragons and that you encounter them safely.

If you choose to escape the heat, you might want to be heading inland into the mainland of Flores. The mainland offers many routes in the refreshing upland areas. The highest mountain is Mount Mbeliling. It is considered one of the best trekking areas in Flores because of its rich diversity of fauna and flora. The forest is the richest in Flores when it comes to endemic and rare birds.

Since many hikes and treks are going through rarely visited areas, it is recommended to go with a local guide to make sure you do not get lost.

Travel tips

  • Wear good shoes
  • Bring enough food and water
  • While trekking you may want to visit a small village

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