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Flores is a large island with most of its cities located along the coastlines due to the mountainous inland. This means when illnesses, accidents or injuries occur, help could be far away, at least a couple of hours away by car minimum. In addition, health care in Flores is not as advanced as in Bali, Jakarta or in other developed cities. Aside to the recent opening of Siloam Hospital in Labuan Bajo, there are also government-run public hospitals in Maumere, Ende and in other districts within Flores and health centres established by Catholic missionaries from the time of the Dutch.

Always consider visiting the island while you’re in great health and be very prepared with precautionary aids. For example, bring a first aid kit with you and some information about how to treat injuries. Also, never begin an adventure without having some experience or experienced guides to direct you. It is important to note that when you’re at the Komodo National Park to always follow the guides’ advice concerning the animals, especially the Komodo Dragons.

Concerning safety, never do anything that you wouldn’t do anywhere else. When the road is blocked due to falling rocks, call and wait for help. Always be careful of pickpockets; the locals are some of the nicest people you will meet but there are always people with bad intentions. Before going to the island make sure to check if you had all the necessary vaccinations and bring along some basic medication for fever and diarrhea. Last but not least never drink water anywhere else than from a sealed water bottle!


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