Going Green: Flores, Indonesia A Gold Mine For Renewable Energy

Going Green
Flores A Gold Mine For Renewable Energy

Great news coming from East Flores, Indonesia – the island renowned the world over for the Kelimutu National Park and the Komodo Dragons has been identified as a gold mind for renewable geothermal energy, making Flores the first district in Indonesia to reach the country’s target of renewable energy mix of 23% by 2025.

Manager at the Flores Generation Unit for PLN, Lambok R Siregar explained that currently the new energy mix in Flores has reached 18.9%. “We’re currently at 20 Megawatts (MW) out of a total of 112 Megawatts,” Lambok said. The new energy mix will surge to 23% in Flores in February 2020, with the inclusion of 5 MW electricity from the Sokoria Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP).

Sokoria PLTP is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) or built by a private investor from Iceland, namely PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia. Head of Corporate Affairs at Sokoria Geothermal, Syahrini Nuryanti, explained that Sokoria PLTP has a generating capacity of 30 Megawatts. “We started to get a geothermal business permit in 2015 here, and carried out drilling in five wells and in the process of drilling to get to the 7th drilling,” she explained.

The investment spent for each well reaches US $ 5 million, the depth of the well can reach up to 2000 meters. The PLTP construction process is still in progress, but it is certain that the first unit of 5 MW will operate commercially in 2020.

Lambok added, electricity purchased by PLN from the Sokoria PLTP was also quite affordable at US $ 12 cents per Kwh. This, he said, was cheaper than Flores BPP, which reached Rp 2,542 per Kwh. The high BPP, Lambok said, is due to the presence of diesel plants which still dominate. “But this will gradually diminish, and we will replace it with EBT generators.

*Article Source: CNBC Indonesia

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