Goa Ranko; A Cave Adventure

When you’re in Labuan Bajo, you must not miss the opportunity to visit Goa Ranko, a unique attraction in Rangko Village. The cave itself is located on Gusung Island, a barren sand dune. You can visit this cave during low tide; simply take a boat from the village and be sure to get there at noon. According to the locals, the sunlight during this time will illuminate the cave for endlessly breathtaking moments.

It is definitely an adventure to get to the cave – the boat will pass under a bridge where you can see beautiful corals and marine life. To enter the cave, you’ll have to navigate yourself through the small opening but once inside you will be astounded by nature’s unique beauty – there is a natural pond with cool and clear water which you can swim in. Above you, there are hundreds of stalactites.

Don’t spend too much time in the cave as it gets really dark inside once the sun has moved. You could venture outside onto Gusung Island and go snorkelling.


Travel tips:

  • Rangko Village is located 45 minutes from Labuan Bajo
  • Avoid this area during rainy season
  • Get to know the friendly locals


Article Source: http://komodo.indonesia-tourism.com/rangko_cave.php

Photo Credit: http://komodo.indonesia-tourism.com/img/rangko_cave.jpg

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