Gems Of The East: Atlas Pearls Labuan Bajo & Farm Tour

Gems Of The East:
Atlas Pearls Farm Tour

Atlas Pearls, the leading producer of beautiful and high-quality South Sea Pearls would like to invite you to visit its fascinating pearl farm in Labuan Bajo, Flores during your trip to this beautiful and breathtaking island, also known as home to the Komodo Dragons.

Not just a farm, here at the Atlas Pearls farm in Labuan Bajo, you’ll not only discover firsthand the making of each precious South Sea Pearl but also understand the intricacies behind each elaborate process and the people behind it all.

While at the Atlas Pearls farm in Labuan Bajo, take your pick of full tours with some exciting activities including:

  • Treasure Chest – A full jewellery collection presented onboard visiting private yachts in Raja Ampat.
  • Treasure Hunt – An activity available the North Bali and Labuan Bajo farm; here, guests can participate in a thrilling hunt to find a shell in the waters surrounding Atlas Pearl’s showrooms.
  • Treasure Pouch – Directly from the Farm Manager’s office, here’s your chance to view a pouch containing pearls which have just been harvested, for a first look at the last harvested gems of the sea. Available only in Labuan Bajo and Raja Ampat.
  • Treasure Bag – A selection of jewellery which can be presented on-land to guests who cannot visit the pearl farms.

Atlas Pearls nurtures, creates and retails high-quality pearls and pearl products, which, through their formation, are inextricably linked to the well-being of surrounding communities and environments. With every purchase of an illustrious pearl, you would also be indirectly supporting 900 local people and over 3000 local families who are working on Atlas Pearl’s five pearl farms located throughout the Indonesian archipelago and the Raja Ampat region (West Papua). These farms produce some of the world’s best silver and white South Sea pearls, nurtured by the loving hands of the dedicated staff at Atlas Pearls farms.

Atlas Pearls prides itself in helping nature create the perfect gems, the South Sea Pearls of Indonesia. Atlas Pearls care for your pearls from the breeding of oysters at its North Bali farm, the farms of Raja Ampat,  Labuan Bajo and Alor, Lembata where these oysters meticulously make the pearls, to the necklaces, rings and earrings sold at Place Vendome in Paris, New York, London and the world’s greatest jewellers.

While we celebrate the spirit and origin of an Atlas Pearl with finished jewellery, cosmetic and fragrance products featured at some of the country’s most prestigious fashion events, we also remember the pearl’s unique history encapsulating the environment where it has been grown and cultural variety of the people who farm the pearl.  So when you visit Labuan Bajo next, take home a token of the island’s spirit, whether it is a timeless classic design or something more contemporary for the young, modern woman. Explore the magic and visit Atlas Pearls’ Labuan Bajo farm to unlock the mysteries of the pearl yourself.

The Treasure Hunt is available with one-day prior booking. For bookings and inquiries, please contact Atlas Pearls at

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