Fun Activities & Things To Do at the Komodo National Park

Fun Activities & Things To Do
At The Komodo National Park

Looking for fun activities and things to do while you’re at the Komodo National Park? We’ve curated a special list just for you. Scroll down to see the entire list!


There are endless opportunities to go snorkelling in Flores – after all, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, offering thriving marine life and underwater adventures. Snorkelling in Flores is also a safe and enjoyable alternative to diving, perfect for the little ones and anyone without diving certifications.


18,000 Island for sailing in Indonesia? A lifetime probably won’t be enough to visit every single Indonesian island – but sailing is indeed the best way to explore Flores, waking up every day in a new, stunning location and enjoy comfort and relax as you travel from one island paradise to another. The islands are so many, and so varied, that you’re sure to find what you’re after.


An Indonesian expedition is truly the best way to enjoy this wonderful and fascinating country, offering an array of land and marine experiences with no equal in the world. A Flores expedition will offer you the chance to get away from the touristiest islands and enjoy pristine paradise as it was meant to be.


Indonesia is home to around 18,000 islands that stretch over 5,000 km from east to west, Here in Flores, there are plenty of different cruise options for getting off the beaten track to visit remote towns and villages, jungles filled with birds and beasts, from the Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo all the way to Larantuka, Solor, Lembata and Adonara in East Flores.


A private cruise around the islands of Flores will give you the chance to explore during the day, party at night, and have somewhere safe and comfortable to relax during the day before going exploring once again.


Are you looking for an unusual wedding venue? Why not get married on a traditional yacht or a phinisi? We’ve rounded up some of the most amazing romantic on-water wedding venues to inspire you. The romantic and stylish surroundings of these phinis are ideal for an original and unforgettable wedding.


Prepare to be amazed – the Indonesian archipelago is a wildlife wonderland above and below the water, with over 3000 species of fish and over 600 species of coral, usually in excellent conditions. The best Indonesian dive hotspots are so many, that you would need at least a year to explore them all – from Bali to West Papua, and especially here in Flores, every single island has something amazing to offer below the waves.

Romantic Dinner

Imagine waking up with your loved one surrounded by the sparkling ocean and stunning seascapes, spending the day relaxing or enjoying your favourite adventure activity, before ending the day with a gourmet dinner under the moonlight. You can choose a romantic cruise to add a touch of magic to your city break – romantic sunset cruises are an option.


Waking up in a different place every day, spend the day enjoying relax or adventure, surrounded by white sands, turquoise waters or dramatic cliffs. Return to your luxury accommodation, fall asleep, wake up and… repeat. A cruise on your very own chartered yacht or phinisi can truly be the adventure of a lifetime – whether you’re a couple, a family or a group of friends, the allure of an adventure on the sea knows no limits.


Depending on where you’re heading, our crew can help you arrange wellness experiences on board – like a sunrise yoga lesson or guided meditation session, to help you start the day with the right kind of energy. If you’re feeling exhausted after a day spent surfing, diving or enjoying other adventure activities, you can end the day with a relaxing onboard massage – you’ll be able to experience traditional massages, alternatively you can also choose to head to a spa on shore for a wider choice of treatments.


If you’re looking for sun, fun and adrenaline riding the waves, a private surf cruise is exactly what you need. You won’t need to carry your board to and from the beach, and you won’t have to worry about finding the best waves and surf beaches – staff and skippers will be happy to share their insider’s knowledge with you, to make sure you’ll enjoy the surf holiday of a lifetime.

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