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There are endless opportunities to go snorkelling in Flores – after all, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, offering thriving marine life and underwater adventures.
Snorkelling in Flores is also a safe and enjoyable alternative to diving, perfect for the little ones and anyone without diving certifications.


18,000 Island for sailing in Indonesia? A lifetime probably won’t be enough to visit every single Indonesian island – but sailing is indeed the best way to explore Flores, waking up every day in a new, stunning location and enjoy comfort and relax as you travel from one island paradise to another. The islands are so many, and so varied, that you’re sure to find what you’re after.


An Indonesian expedition is truly the best way to enjoy this wonderful and fascinating country, offering an array of land and marine experiences with no equal in the world. A Flores expedition will offer you the chance to get away from the touristiest islands and enjoy pristine paradise as it was meant to be.