Fresh Spring Water at Kawaliwu Beach

Fresh Spring Water at Kawaliwu Beach


Kawaliwu beach in East Flores surely has a uniqueness that will surprise you. Only here at this beach can you enjoy fresh spring water near the sea. The source of this unique spring is from Mount Ile Padung in Lewolema district in East Flores. As an active volcano, Mount Ile Padung release its thermal energy through the underground water that is flowing into the sea.

If you want to enjoy the spring, first you must dig into the sands on the beach. After digging deep for about 30 cm, you will find the flow of the natural spring. Some people will dig a large hole, and then sit in the hole for a refreshing dip. The temperature of the water spring is about 40-45 Celsius and is fresh and clear like a mountain spring. The locals usually come to Kawaliwu beach after work, just to unwind and relax their muscles.

However, if you are too reluctant to dig, just enjoy swimming in the sea as the waves here is quite calm. The view is just fantastic. It’s a combination of sea and mountain views in Kawaliwu beach. There you can spot verdant hills that line up against each other just like a painting. What a beautiful sight! Kawaliwu beach is also known as a great spot to watch the sunset.

It’s hard to miss this place if you’re travelling around Larantuka as it is just 17 km from Larantuka city or about 20 minutes with car or motorbike. There are no food stalls around the beach. So better prepare some drinks and snacks before your visit but please remember to take your trash back with you and keep Indonesia clean.


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