Flores’s Red Beach

Namo Beach is another must-see natural phenomenon here in Flores, located not too far from Pink Beach in Komodo Island, and features bold reddish sands, even brighter than those at the Pink Beach. Hence, Namo Beach has been given the nickname “Red Beach” by tourists. The red colour of the sands is caused by red corals and shells that have washed up on shore, creating beautiful, smooth red beach that is so pleasing to the eye.

If you are into snorkeling, then Namo beach the ideal spot. It features beautiful sea creatures and various colourful coral. Moreover, the water is calm and clear, so it’s perfect for snorkeling. Swimming is also fun to do in Namo beach. So be sure to pack some swimsuit and sunglasses. Those who just want to relax and unwind and stroll along the beach and enjoy the views. As the beach is still untouched, you can spot some wild deer near the beach if you’re lucky.

How to get there? It takes about 20 minutes from Labuan Bajo. It is best to hire a local guide to get you there as the route to the beach can be quite complicated. Please remember to keep Indonesia clean and take all your trash back with you.

Article Source: pedomanwisata.com
Photo by samara.liveabroad via Instagram

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