Flores’s Breathtaking Marine Life

Around the islands of the Indonesian archipelago and of course Flores, rich marine life can be found. From the cities along the coastline, trips can be organised to experience these beautiful underwater creatures. We recommend you to take off from Maumere bay. Besides beautiful coral reefs, there are also larger marine mammals that you could try to spot; this is due to a particularly strong current that encourages a migratory path of the underwater mammals. Every year whales and dolphins pass the narrow Nusa Tenggara islands from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean.

The animals choose this path due to the strong current and because it is a rich feeding path. It attracts great and blue whales, many species of dolphins and pods of black fish like orcas. Whale watching promises to be absolutely breathtaking! They all pass in large numbers. In addition, many pelagics cross the waters including Bluefin tunas and oceanic sharks. If you are up for a dive you might be able to spot these amazing groups in which they swim. The mola-mola or sunfish is also present in great numbers.

In the waters of Komodo National Park, you have the opportunity to swim and dive with amazing Manta Rays. Also, some trips offer diving with sharks where you might be able to spot some hammerhead sharks and whale sharks.

Photo courtesy: http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mola/

Travel tips

  • Explore Flores by bike
  • Enjoy hiking or trekking the beautiful landscapes of the island
  • Discover marine life by going on a tour
  • Go whale spotting

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