Flores‘s Active and Dormant Volcanoes

As Flores is part of the Pacific belt of fire it is home to many volcanoes. The most active volcanoes on Flores Island are Mount Egon and Mount Inerie. Although many volcanos on Flores are no longer active, they are still very interesting due to the fact they display a number of post-volcanic formations. Another very famous volcano is Mount Kelimutu with its three-colored crater lakes.

Gunung Egon, also known as Gunung Namang is a strato volcano located in the south-east of Flores. The volcano is 1703 meter high and it the most active volcano in Flores. It is situated close to the Bay of Maumere. After a century of being dormant, the volcano became active again in 2004. An eruption on 29th of January 2004 forced 6000 people to evacuate the area.

Mount Inerie is one of the highest volcanos with 2245 meters above sea level. It is pyramid shaped and an eye-catching peak in the landscape of Flores. It is possible to climb this volcano and we recommend you to start very early. When you arrive at the top you will be rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. Depending on your physical condition, the hike might take up two and a half or four hours. The view from the top is absolutely astonishing and on a clear day, you should be able to see really far!

Photo courtesy: http://florestourism.com/districts/mount-inerie-and-wawomudha-crater-lake/

Travel tips

  • Find out more on the legends of Flores
  • Visit and partake in the rituals at Tiwu Sora
  • Visit the Komodo National Park
  • Climb Mount Inerie

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