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Wair Nokerua is a natural spring which was named after St. Frances Xavier. Wair means water in the traditional language while Nokerua means ‘he who lives a celibate life’. St. Francis Xavier was an important person from the Catholic Church the people believes he was able to perform miracles. The spring can be found steps away from the beach near Kolisia Village, about 20 km away from the city of Maumere. Along the road to the spring, you can enjoy beautiful nature, rice fields and corn crops depending on the season.

Due to the fact, the spring is not reachable by car; you would have to hike for approximately 3 km through beautiful landscapes. Besides that, you have the opportunity to see wild water buffalos, cows and goats grazing in the fields. To experience Wair Nokerua to the fullest, take a moment to enjoy the tranquillity and peace, away from all hustle.

For those who are particularly interested in plants, we recommend you to hire a guide! There are plenty of interesting plants growing in the area, which is also used to make traditional medicine. There are many fruit trees along the hike; feel free to pick some fruits that will help to quench your thirst.

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Travel tips

  • Stay the night in Kampung Komodo
  • Visit the Komodo National Park
  • Explore Wair Nokerua
  • Grow your knowledge on plants and fruit

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