Flores Travels: Best Things To Do in Rote

  1. Nemberala Beach

While you’re in Rote, you must visit Nemberala Beach, one of the most popular beaches here and a favourite destination for surfers thanks to the large South and South West swells. Also known as T-Land Beach, this is the site to an international surfing competition that takes place from September to October every year. In fact, this beach owes its rise to fame to surfers who came to ride its challenging barrels. For those who do not want to surf, you can chill and relax or sunbathe on the beach. Aside to the virgin white sands and awesome breaks, there isn’t much else to be found here. Nature lovers will have the time of their lives away from all the hustle and bustle. Snorkel and dive – there’s a rich underwater world waiting for you. There are also a couple of nice resorts on Nemberala Beach, catering to surfers, adventurers and those who just love to explore places that are well off the beaten path. *Photo by Indonesiakaya.com

  1. Tiang Bendera (Flag Pole) Beach

Head to Baadale, Lobalain in Rote and you’ll find Pantai Tiang Bendera, which, when translated means Flag Pole Beach. Just 15 minutes from the island’s main port of Ba’a, this is a popular beach among the locals and international visitors. So popular is the beach that the local government have erected various gazebos, public toilets and safety railings for the comfort of visitors. The name Flag Pole beach is a tribute to the local heroes who tried valiantly to dispel the Dutch invaders. The name is also related to the 2.5 meters high stone monument built by the Dutch that is located on a rocky outcrop some metres away from the beach. During high tide, the monument is surrounded by sea water but when the tide is low, you can explore the monument freely but please exercise caution as the coral reefs are jagged and sharp and can cause injury. This is one of the best beaches for sunsets in Rote, with plenty of visitors coming by when the sun nears the horizon. *Photo by Indonesiakaya.com

  1. Tolanamon Beach

Located in the village of Inaoe, Tolanamon rose to fame thanks to Social Media when a local villager snapped a pretty picture of the beach’s white sands and turquoise water. It’s hidden in a bay and overlooks the vast ocean. The water in the bay is flanked by sturdy coral reefs on both sides, giving visitors and safe and tranquil space to enjoy the water with. As one of the newly discovered beaches here in Rote, you can be sure of a clean and pristine beach with minimal human disturbance. Even the road leading to this beach from the village is still unpaved! *Photo by ervan_dimu on Instagram

  1. Mando’o Hill

If you want to see all of Rote and witness the island’s breathtaking panorama from an elevated point, then head to Mando’o Hill where you can climb 488 steps to reach the highest point of the island at 1500 metres. Locally, the hill is known as Bukit Tangga 300. To some people, the climb up to the peak can be very challenging but once you’ve reached the top, you’ll be rewarded with a wondrous view – rich emerald green and the dark blue of the ocean mingling with the stark blue of the sky above. In the north, you can see Lole Hills in the distance and Keka Hills in the east. In the west, you’ll see Kuli Village, surrounded by a vast expanse of thriving rice fields. Everywhere you look, this 360-degree panorama of Rote Island will astound you. The hill is a popular spot for sunsets, and during public holidays, families enjoy outings here. You can come by with your own picnic basket here and relax, but do keep an eye out for the monkeys, there are plenty up here on Mando’o Hill. *Photo by Indonesiakaya.com


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