Flores In 7 Days

Flores In 7 Days

Planning to visit Flores, Indonesia but only have 1 week to spare? Worry not! Here’s how you can fulfil your thirst for adventure in exactly 7 days on a journey that will take you through Labuan Bajo, Bajawa and Ende!

Komodo National Park (Day 1 -3)

This will take you roughly three days, including your flight into Labuan Bajo, Flores from Bali. We recommend that you immediately go on a 2-days/1-night boat tour that will take you island-hopping around the Komodo National Park to Komodo, Padar and Rinca Islands with opportunities to swim, snorkel or dive with the Manta Rays, Dugongs, Sharks, Turtles and the plethora of magical underwater creatures that live here, take photographs with the Komodo Dragons and see the world-famous Pink Beach.

On the third day, you’ll return to Labuan Bajo after a full day of exploring. While you’re there, don’t miss out on visiting the Atlas Pearls’ pearl farm on Pungu Island where you can explore the magic, experience nature and unlock the mysteries of the South Sea pearl for yourself.

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Labuan Bajo to Bajawa (Day 4)

Get ready for an eight-hour bus ride to Bajawa! Bring plenty of snacks, water and toilet paper. The journey is long but the memories will last you a lifetime.

Bajawa (Day 5)

Spend the day visiting Bajawa’s traditional villages, including Bena and Gurusina. If you have time and energy, don’t miss out on Bajawa’s many majestic waterfalls and hot springs. Climb up Mount Inerie, try “Moke”, the traditional alcoholic beverage and buy yourself some authentic Ikat fabric, which is usually handmade by the local women using a loom.

Bajawa To Moni (Day 6)

Be prepared to spend another 8 hours in a bus or a bemo from Bajawa to Moni. Along the way, you will enjoy captivating sights and scenes of Flores’s raw and untouched beauty.

Moni (Day 7)

Moni in Ende is a charming little hamlet, the gateway to the Kelimutu National Park. To get to the peak of Mount Kelimutu and to view the most spectacular sunrise you’ll ever see, you’ll need to set off at about 3am. f you can’t make it that early, try to reach the peak by 9:00am to enjoy the morning light. From Moni it takes 30 to 45 minutes to reach Kelimutu National Park’s parking lot by car, then another 20 to 30 minutes to walk to the peak. If you’re not in a rush, stay for an extra day or two and enjoy a stroll through the green rice fields, trek to the waterfalls or take a swim in the hot springs. After dark, sit back, relax and watch the traditional dance shows that takes place nightly.

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Article Inspired by: https://www.nomadicnotes.com/1-week-in-flores-indonesia/

Photo by: Oyi Kresnamurti

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