Flores From East To West; What Lies In Between?

Mention Flores, and many would automatically think of Labuan Bajo, the gateway to the Komodo National Park. But the island of Flores has so much more to offer! This stunning and almost untouched paradise island stretches from Larantuka in the East to Labuan Bajo to the West, covering over 360km of land! So, the question is, what lies in between?

Flores’s population of 1,831,000 (2010), as is the island, is split into eight regencies from west to east, each with its own unique language, dialects and capital cities. West Manggarai (Labuan Bajo), Central Manggarai (Ruteng), East Manggarai (Borong), Ngada (Bajawa), Nagekeo (Mbay), Ende (Ende), Sikka (Maumere) and East Flores (Larantuka) are each unique destinations with fascinating history, culture, background, landscape and history. Even the weather differs in each region!

So many districts and so little time! To help you with your travel expectations, here are a few highlights for what each city/district can offer:

Labuan Bajo is not only the launch pad to view the Komodo Dragons; take some time to visit these distinctly round ceremonial houses in the villages of Todo and Wae Rebo. Liang Bua is also located in Manggarai, a limestone cave where a spectacular archaeological discovery of the “Homo Florensis” were made by a team of Indonesian and Australian archaeologists. While you’re in Manggarai, don’t forget to visit Lingko, the Spider-Web Rice Fields.

Ende is the capital city of Ende regency, and is home to the world-renowned tri-crater lake, Mount Kelimutu. Ende is also where Indonesia’s first President lived while he was in exile. His home is now a museum, called the Bung Karno Museum.

In the historic district of Sikka, the village of Sikka Natar awaits as well as the 100-year old Pasar Geliting, an old Catholic Church and the Bikon Blewut Museum. Sikka is also famous for Ikat weaving and remains one of East Flores’ most important and famous weaving centres. The capital city of Sikka is Maumere, which used to be one of the finest diving sites in the world. Sadly, the sites are now marred due to chemical and bomb fishing.

Larantuka, the capital of East Flores, is also known as the City of 1000 Churches, Naples of the Orient, Italy of Flores and Spain of the Lesser Sunda Islands. The city has a strong colonial Portuguese influence as it was the Portuguese trading centre of South East Indonesia and the centre of sandalwood trading.

If you head to Larantuka a week before Easter, you’d get to witness an important religious celebration called the “Holy Week”. It centres on two religious statues, one of Jesus Christ and one of Virgin Mary, which were brought to Larantuka by Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century.

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