Diving In Flores

To go diving, one will need experience and certificates to prove that he or she is able to dive safely without endangering his or herself, the divemaster and the group. This is no exception in Flores, as the circumstances can be quite tough. If you are a first time diver, most of the time they will first practice with you in a pool to get used to the water pressure and equipment you will be taking with you underwater. Diving provides to opportunity to explore the underwater world from a closer perspective than snorkeling.

Flores island provides some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world thanks to its unique position in the heart of the Coral Triangle. Around the island of Flores, you have the opportunity to swim with larger marine animals and with the endangered Dugong. Another beautiful and majestic animal you will be able to swim with is the Manta Ray, at Manta Point in Komodo National Park. There are around 30 dive sites around Maumere Bay and you will be to spot octopuses, seahorses, shrimps and many other fish. Each diving site is so different and several coral reefs can be found. It is amazing how the underwater world changes with the tides and times!

There are several companies that organize diving and snorkeling trips and provide the possibility to rent diving gear. Nevertheless, always be careful and check the equipment or check reviews online.

Photo courtesy: http://floresxp.com/diving/

Travel tips

  • Go diving around of the Komodo National Parks in Flores
  • Capture the underwater world with a water resistant camera
  • Visit the beautiful beaches of Flores
  • Explore the island and find hidden treasures

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