Flores’ 17 Simmering Volcanoes

Did you know that Flores in Indonesia is home to approximately 17 individual volcanoes? The highest volcano is Mount Inerie, which stands at an impressive 2245 metres, and is located in the Ngada district. The second highest volcano in Flores is Mount Egon, which stands at 1703 metres and is located in the district of Sikka. Of course, the most famous of all the volcanoes in Flores is Mount Kelimutu in the Kelimutu National Park in Ende with its tri-coloured crater lakes. Kelimutu means “the boiling lake” in the local dialect. There are lesser-known volcanoes too, such as Hobel Volcano and Mount Sarong Gong. Gunung Anak Ranaka in Manggarai Regency stands at 2277.5 meters high and erupted once on December 28, 1987. In Flotim district, the Male Lewotobi volcano is 1548 meters high – it erupted for the first time in 1932 and then again in 2003. The Female Lewotobi volcano in the Flotim Regency stands at 1703 meters high and Mount Ile Api in Lembata, East Flores which stands at 1450 metres high. Photo by @anthony.rosalinda via Instagram

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