Although the name Flores suggests that the island is full of flowery beauty, the island is in fact very green. The name was derived from the flamboyant Poinciana Regia found in abundance there. There are not more flowers growing on the island than anywhere else in Indonesia. Many years ago Flores consisted of huge forests but now due to growing population these have shrunk. The forests are being interrupted by beautiful rice fields and farming land. In both the lands and the forests tropical fruits and vegetables grow like coffee, banana and the famous ‘king of fruits’ durian. There are no fences between these lands and only the local community knows what belongs to who.

Some parts of Flores are a lot dryer than others due to the fact they receive less rains every year, for example Maumere. Close to Bajawa there is a beautiful bamboo forest, which can be used for construction. In the east, a lot of the coconut groves can be found that date back to the era of colonization. The green landscape of Flores consists of numerous trees, plants and moss which can be found close to waterfalls. It is now possible to visit the botanical garden near Kelimutu!

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